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I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself .Chris and Sandy to wish all our club members a very happy and healthy new year for 2019.
We hope that this coming year sees the club being as happy and friendly as it always is and look forwards to welcoming some really interesting demonstrators to visit us.
This is our 23rd year and hope our club continues to hold a special place in your heart as it does in ours .


Sweet Treat Recipe

At the Christmas party everyone was enjoying a sweet treet supplied by club member Sue and she has been kind enough to give me the recipe to put on the recipe page.

White chocolate ,cranberry and pistachio squares.

250 grams hobnob biscuit
125 Grms butter
50 grms Golden syrup
300 Grms white chocolate
50 Grms. Cranberries
25 Grms pistachios

Line a 7 inch square tin with baking parchment
Crush the biscuits.
Melt the butter with the syrup
Stir in the biscuit crumbs.
Stir in 25 Grms of the cranberries.
Press into the tin
Chill for 30 mins
Roughly chop the pistachios and remaining cranberries .not too fine.
Melt the chocolate .
Pour the chocolate over the biscuit base.
Scatter over the chopped pistachios and cranberries
Leave to set and cut into sqares.

These were so popular at the party that I took the plate to the kitchen and cut them in half so everyone could have a taste .



As 2016 draws to its end I would like to take this opportunity to look back on the last year.

It’s been such a good year for speakers.
Very to interest us all, with demonstrations on Bass Relief , Royal Icing techniques,  an “Ombre ” cake, sugar paste baubles (more about those later) sugar doves, giant material stars, cakes that look like a teapot,and so much more .
We have welcomed new speakers and some old friends to demonstrate to us and enjoyed them all.
Having started the year a little short on funds we have managed to add some cash to our coffers with thanks to the monthly themed raffle and the “Lunches with friends for funds”  the plan is to carry this  fund raising over to next year.
After many years of doing the video for us our video man has had to give up. We thank him for all the years he has come to our meetings and we will miss him.
If you know of anyone who could do the video for us please let me know. 
And back to the sugar baubles; in other words our Christmas tree in the church. Last year the tree was amazing and I didn’t think we could better it. I was wrong . So very wrong..
This year the tree is stunning, truly stunning.
For me Christmas starts when we decorate the tree, and this year as the tree gradually filled up I was truly speechless at what you had all created…  My next thought was” how do we better this” and I have to admit that as of this moment  l still don’t know the answer to that, so suggestions please please. ..
Another lost for words moment was when we  collected in the photos for the 2017 calendar. The work in those photographs was truly wonderful and we would like to have used all the pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t use many of them purely because of the  composition of the picture. So this year we’re having a demonstration on taking photographs of cakes to help us all get the very best pictures of our work and  be able to get more into the 2018 calendar.
We’ll also need good photography for another project we’re planning.  We would like to create a recipe book of members favourite dishes. We’ ll be asking you to write out your favourite recipes and  take a photograph of  the completed dish. We will then put them into some sort of order and then Sandy will get them printed in a booklet. The idea is to sell them to help raise some funds.
With so much going on last year I need to get busy and start on next year’s programme. If you would like to see something demonstrated please let me know and I’ll do my best to find an appropriate speaker.
On behalf of Sandy ,Jane and myself ,
I would like to thank you all for your support and  the help you give to our club and wish you all a very happy new year

Monthly Draw

At our A G M in april it was decided to introduce a raffle at out meetings. This is proving a success.

Instead of a number of small prices we have just one larger prize that everyone can contribute to.
To date we’ve had a fruit raffle , when anyone who wants to has bought along some fresh or dried fruit and this has all been arranged into a display basket and wrapped to make a pretty impressive draw prize keeping the winner in a selection of fruit all week at least.
Another month, club member Chrissy , who has a husband who is handy with a Hammer. ‘ Handy Andy’ we’ll call him, donated an aeroplane shaped garden planter that he’d made and filled with bedding plants .
With a theme each month this seems to be a good idea
The theme for september is seasonal. Pickles, jams and preserves.
We are asking any one who makes any of these to donate a jar which will be packed in a hamper, the winner will then have a lovely selection to take home.
We’re not proud though, if your not a pickler or jammer a nice jar from the supermarket will be just as welcome.
Another Idea for October is an ingredients raffle.
We’re asking members to bring along items that go into the christmas cake, Dried fruit , Cherries , brown sugar , nuts etc. So the winner will get what they need to make their christmas cake.

July Meeting Review

Our July Sugar-craft meeting last night was voted a resounding success.

A good number of members were joined by visitors to watch Linda Garnham turn a small spherical shaped sponge into a stunning teapot.
teapotcakeSo many good hints and tips, it’s obvious that Linda is a very experienced sugarcrafter, but despite her experience she made it so achievable to all abilities.

We also invited members to bring along photo’s of their own cakes and sugar flowers. So we can select some of them to create our own calendar for 2017. These will be on sale later in the year along with our own Christmas cards. If you do have any cake photos please can you email them to our website admin – allenrblas52@gmail.com. He’ll add to the site and they can be considered for the calendar.


July Club Meeting

So happy to be able to welcome Linda Garnham back as our guest demonstrator this month.

Sadly Linda had to cancel her visit to us last year due to a family bereavement.
Happily she is able to demonstrate again and she is coming back to see us.
Linda is always a delight to watch and I’m told by a friend from another club who has seen this demonstration that we are in for a treat.
Here’s one she did earlier!


Linda is going to show is how to make a teapot.

With the popularity of afternoon tea at an all time high this will be a very topical subject.
Linda’s demonstration always have something of interest to all our members regardless of ability .
If this sounds like something of interest to you please come along..

Queens Birthday

Hi to all Club members.

If you have something to display on our table in the church for the queen’s birthday tribute this is to let you know that Glenda and Pat will be setting the table up at lunch time on Thursday 2nd June between 12noon and 2.30pm, if you can’t get there with your pieces between those times then please go and place your pieces out that afternoon or on Fridaybetween 10am and 1pm

Regards Glenda

PS – This cake is on the way….Queens Birthday Cake

May Monthly Meeting

Our Next Meeting is on Monday May 9th when Fay Barret will join us to demonstrate Air Brush techniques

We are delighted to welcome back Fay Barret, showing us how to get the best results using an air brush on our cakes and decorations. This is sure to be interesting to beginners and experienced sugar-crafters alike. Fay has visited us on two previous occasions and her demonstrations were enjoyed by all our members.

Join us at 7.15 at our usual venue (St Mary’s Church Hall, Wolsey Street, Stowmarket IP14 1LS)