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Our speaker for August was Estelle Mann. Estelle has visited us before showing us how to make decorations using gelatine ,
this time her subject was sugar flowers,  In particular Dahlias . Always viewed as a complicated flower to make ,but Estelle
made every stage achievable and created some beautiful flowers .


Our speaker for September was Rachel Farnham of Regency cakes in Exning near Newmarket, so quite a local for us .
Rachel has visited us many times before and is a very gifted sugarcrafter and experienced in all aspects of sugarcraft ,
but her overriding skill is with royal icing and all it’s many  uses .This time she decorated a two tier cake with scrolls and lattice work . 
A very traditional style of royal icing work ,but one that requires tremendous skill land it was obvious that Rachel has this in abundance .
A very enjoyable and instructive evening and we look forwards to her returning again soon .

Next month our demonstrator will be club member Jean who has come up with her own unique way of cutting , rolling and folding sugarpate
to make decorations for our cakes . ,This will certainly be an interesting evening and guaranteed to be something new to us all ,
So something to look forwards to, 


Our FFF lunches have been popular for the last 3 years and continue to be a very pleasant way of raising some funds for our club .
So much so that we have diversified slightly and have tried doing afternoon tea as well . We’ve enjoyed one so far and it was a huge hit
and  we’re planning a second one soon .The first group quite enjoyed being the guinea pigs and are all planning to return.
With the lunches the optimum number for each lunch is 6 guests possibly 7 .The afternoon tea number is 9 .
So happily members have a choice between the two meals.
If your interested in either lunch or tea contact Glenda to arrange a date
have a look at the photos of the first  afternoon tea .

April Meeting

The April Meeting was our A.G.M.

Our usual look back at the last year and check that our finances are all in good order .
Chris our treasurer was happy to report that all is good and thanks to the fund raising monthly themed raffle and the Food with Friends For Funds lunches there is no reason to increase our subscriptions .
So all round good news .
Once the business of the evening was over it was down to the really important part of the evening ,
Our cheese and biscuit supper.
Although this was the business evening for the club it was a really pleasant evening.


Our speaker for May is Gemma Parker of ” Gemma’s Crafty Cakes” in Felixstowe.
Gemma will be showing us how she made some of the decorations she used on some of the cakes that won her Gold and Silver
prizes at the cake international sugarcraft show.
So we look forwards to that.

If your interested in sugarcraft ,we’d love you to visit us .

January Meeting

A well attended meeting and as is our usual practice for our January meeting , I did the demonstration . This avoids the problems that arise if the weather is bad and means we don’t need to worry about visiting demonstrators not being able to reach to us .

The subject for the demonstration was a rose , but not a sugarcraft flower , but turning a sponge cake itself into a large rose.

Cutting ,layering, triming and crumb coating first .then using sugarpaste to create the petals..no specialist equipment .just basic scone cutters and a rolling pin . Anyone can do it !

And the best thing about this cake is that it can be made in a couple of hours .

I think the demonstration went well with our members. And I enjoyed showing how to create the cake. I think a really good evening .



I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself .Chris and Sandy to wish all our club members a very happy and healthy new year for 2019.
We hope that this coming year sees the club being as happy and friendly as it always is and look forwards to welcoming some really interesting demonstrators to visit us.
This is our 23rd year and hope our club continues to hold a special place in your heart as it does in ours .


July 2018 Meeting

JULY meeting….

Our demonstrator this month was Gemma Parker from Gemma’s crafty cakes in Felixstowe. We hadn’t seen Gemma for a few months and had been looking forwards to this demonstration .
Our members all enjoyed her demonstration showing us how to create the cutest sitting up teddy bear. Gemma made it look very achievable and I’m sure a lot of our members will have a go themselves.
When it was finished Gemma gave it to the club to raffle and it was won by a member with a birthday that same week .
A big thank you to Gemma for a lovely demonstration


August meeting
Our speaker in August is new to our club but comes highly reccomended.
Estelle Mann will be showing us how to make snow globes using gelatine and sugarpaste . Completely new to us, so something to look forward to .

February Meeeting

A good turn out on a cold winter meeting.

Having been let down by the demonstrator for this month who was going to show us how to make macarons, club member Jean bravely stepped into the breach and offered to do the dem for us .
Jean makes the most amazing macarons , all flavours and quite divine to eat .

After transporting all the equipment that she needed to use she was brave enough to show us ,step by step how to make these very temperamental little delights
So much could have gone wrong but it didn’t. We watched every stage of making them , then the best bit , we all got to try them . Delicious .!!!
We all agreed that this had been a really enjoyable evening and our thanks and gratitude to Jean for working so hard to make the evening the success it was.

January Meeting

The meeting was well attended considering it is January and the weather more conducive to staying in the warm and dry

Our chairlady Glenda did a demonstation of wiring sugar flowers into sprays
She started with some advice on how to recognise the gauge wire to use for different flowers and showing the various ways that flowers and foliage can be made on the wire.
Then went on to wire four of the most popular shaped sprays . A crescent , a shower , a hogarth curve
( otherwise known as a sloppy S shape), and a conical posy.
With plenty of questions from the members it was a very pleasant evening
For some members it was all new to them for others they had seen it all before but agreed it was good to have a reminder .


February Meeting
Februby 12th


The speaker who was originally booked to do this dem is not able to do it now but we are very fortunate that club members Jean and Robert have offered to step into the breach and show us how they are made.
This is no small undertaking so we are very gratefull to them both .


December Meeting 2017

Christmas party night

I think the evening was enjoyed by all the members who were there.
Considering the weather that evening it was surprising how many of us turned up
That said we had a lovely array of tasty food . The table looked lovely and the food tasted even better
A few quizzes and lots of chat with friends
The perfect recipe for a nice evening

A message from
Glenda ,Sandy and Jane.

We would like to thank all the members who really surprised us at the party with gifts of flowers and chocolates . So kind of you all and so unexpected .
A huge THANK YOU to you all from us

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at the club a very happy and healthy 2018
And hope that this year is another good one for the club.

January meeting

January 8th is our first meeting of the new year
I ( Glenda ) will be doing the demonstration for this evening
The subject will be

“Wiring up”

I’ll wire some sugar flowers into some of the most common shaped arrangements and give advice on which wires to use . Using the tape ,
How to place on your cakes and anything else I can think of that might prove useful .
As usual the dem will be relayed by video to a TV so everyone will be able to see clearly
I look forwards to seeing you all there

February meeting

Unfortunatly we have been let down by the demonstrator for this month
In the programme it’s down as a demonstration of macarons.
The original demonstrator won’t be able to attend but very luckily for us club members Jean and Robert have stepped into the breach and offered to show us how they are made
This is quite an undertaking as it means bringing in an oven and hot plate . So a huge thank you to them both

Next year’s programme

I am now starting to book speakers for the 2018 /2019 programme
If you know of someone who Dems or would like to see someone you particularly enjoyed watching before please let me know


November Meeting 2017

November meeting

We hadn’t invited a visiting demonstrator this month so Glenda did a demonstration of some Christmas items Poinsettia,  Christmas roses
and pine cones.
It was a bit of a reminder for some of the older members but something new to our newer members.
And none of us had seen the pine cones made this way before.

A nice evening with lots of chat and a few laughs .