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Our speaker for August was Estelle Mann. Estelle has visited us before showing us how to make decorations using gelatine ,
this time her subject was sugar flowers,  In particular Dahlias . Always viewed as a complicated flower to make ,but Estelle
made every stage achievable and created some beautiful flowers .


Our speaker for September was Rachel Farnham of Regency cakes in Exning near Newmarket, so quite a local for us .
Rachel has visited us many times before and is a very gifted sugarcrafter and experienced in all aspects of sugarcraft ,
but her overriding skill is with royal icing and all it’s many  uses .This time she decorated a two tier cake with scrolls and lattice work . 
A very traditional style of royal icing work ,but one that requires tremendous skill land it was obvious that Rachel has this in abundance .
A very enjoyable and instructive evening and we look forwards to her returning again soon .

Next month our demonstrator will be club member Jean who has come up with her own unique way of cutting , rolling and folding sugarpate
to make decorations for our cakes . ,This will certainly be an interesting evening and guaranteed to be something new to us all ,
So something to look forwards to, 


Our FFF lunches have been popular for the last 3 years and continue to be a very pleasant way of raising some funds for our club .
So much so that we have diversified slightly and have tried doing afternoon tea as well . We’ve enjoyed one so far and it was a huge hit
and  we’re planning a second one soon .The first group quite enjoyed being the guinea pigs and are all planning to return.
With the lunches the optimum number for each lunch is 6 guests possibly 7 .The afternoon tea number is 9 .
So happily members have a choice between the two meals.
If your interested in either lunch or tea contact Glenda to arrange a date
have a look at the photos of the first  afternoon tea .

January Meeting

The meeting was well attended considering it is January and the weather more conducive to staying in the warm and dry

Our chairlady Glenda did a demonstation of wiring sugar flowers into sprays
She started with some advice on how to recognise the gauge wire to use for different flowers and showing the various ways that flowers and foliage can be made on the wire.
Then went on to wire four of the most popular shaped sprays . A crescent , a shower , a hogarth curve
( otherwise known as a sloppy S shape), and a conical posy.
With plenty of questions from the members it was a very pleasant evening
For some members it was all new to them for others they had seen it all before but agreed it was good to have a reminder .


February Meeting
Februby 12th


The speaker who was originally booked to do this dem is not able to do it now but we are very fortunate that club members Jean and Robert have offered to step into the breach and show us how they are made.
This is no small undertaking so we are very gratefull to them both .


Sweet Treat Recipe

At the Christmas party everyone was enjoying a sweet treet supplied by club member Sue and she has been kind enough to give me the recipe to put on the recipe page.

White chocolate ,cranberry and pistachio squares.

250 grams hobnob biscuit
125 Grms butter
50 grms Golden syrup
300 Grms white chocolate
50 Grms. Cranberries
25 Grms pistachios

Line a 7 inch square tin with baking parchment
Crush the biscuits.
Melt the butter with the syrup
Stir in the biscuit crumbs.
Stir in 25 Grms of the cranberries.
Press into the tin
Chill for 30 mins
Roughly chop the pistachios and remaining cranberries .not too fine.
Melt the chocolate .
Pour the chocolate over the biscuit base.
Scatter over the chopped pistachios and cranberries
Leave to set and cut into sqares.

These were so popular at the party that I took the plate to the kitchen and cut them in half so everyone could have a taste .


Stowmarket Christmas Tree Festival 2017

The Christmas tree

Our tree is decorated . It looks lovely .
Unfortunately it’s not where we were expecting it to be so we had to scale down what we were planning to do .
But none the less those of us who went along to put the decorations on think it’s stunning.

A huge thank you to everyone who put in so much effort and time to make the decorations .
It takes hours of work to achieve , but look at it and you’ll see its worth it .

The lights go on on Friday 24th so you’ll be able to see it yourselves then

December meeting

As usual the meeting on December 11th w ill be our Christmas party
Always a good evening
Friends, food and a bit of fun .
See you there .

January meeting

At the moment not sure what’s happening in Januany.
It could be a florist showing us how to wire fresh flowers or it could be Glenda showing us how to wire sugar flowers for cakes .
Which ever it is I’m sure we’ll all learn something.





COMPETITION next Sunday 23 rd July
 As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations and want to know if any of our members would like to take part.
 The theme for the competition is”
”   Inspired by the museum “
I’ll contact them for more information then put it on this Web site but feel sure more info will be available on their website site – HERE
Hope some of you can enter

June and July Meetings

June Meeting

A slight hiccup over the topic of this demonstration.
I had it down as Anenome’s but it was actually a magnolia and painted fern.
None the less it was a very interesting evening and a pleasure to welcome Claire Webb back as our guest demonstrator.
Claire specialises in botanically correct  flowers and  this magnolia looked as if it had been freshly picked off a tree and the fern was quite easy to do and would make a good addition to a spray for a special cake.
Something for all of our members in this demo.

July Meeting

Our speaker this month will be club member Gemma Parker.
Gemma is going to show us how to use “Russian tubes” to make  buttercream flower’s and decorate a cake with them.
The theme for the raffle this month is
‘Gardeners bounty’
We’re hoping members will bring any surplus crops from their garden.
As July is usually when everything in the garden is growing in abundance  it should make for a good raffle prize.

Our May Meeting

What an amazing evening.

Our speaker was Ribana Cristescu showing us the intracies  of pulled and blown sugar. Such skill!
We watched in amazement as she made bows ,ribbons and baubles ,a fish and an apple.making it look as if we could all do the same in or own kitchens.
Her enthusiasm for her subject shone through. It’s well worth looking at her website to look at her work.
Lucky us, she has agreed to return next year, probably to  show us her chocolate work.
To add to the pleasure of the evening we were joined by a lot of visitors who had travelled from as far  afield as Lowestoft, and colchester and many points in between.The room seemed to have a real buzz about  it as we all chatted , drank tea and waited for the dem to start.
So many of the visitors took time at the end of the evening to thank us for inviting them to join us and saying how they had enjoyed the evening and how friendly they had found us. Which was so nice to hear.
Coming next 
Our speaker in June will be  Claire Webb.
Claire is a well known sugarcrafter nationwide with many books to her credit and also a respected judge .
Her sugar flowers are totally lifelike  and of a quality to inspire us all.
If you’d like to join us for the evening  you can be sure of learning something new

Food with friends for funds.

We are currently looking for a group to dine in July. Ideally groups of 4 to 7.
If you would like to come please contact Glenda