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St Elizabeth Hospice Christmas Cake Fund Raiser

Fund Raiser Update

After the raffle on the 20th December the funds raised stood at:-
*  £1000 for the cakes,
* £380 for the raffle,
* Our sponsor “Precon” boosted the fund by £1500

We are still awaiting the exact final total which will be posted as soon as we have confirmation.

Thank you to all the Sugarcraft club members for their generous donations of the cakes, their hard work, and expertise.

As this was such a great success I’m sure we’ll be doing this again next year. If Glenda has anything to do with it I’m sure we’ll surpass this years efforts as she likes to up the anti 🙂



Christmas Cake Sale

Amazing result to the cake sale for the hospice shop .

Amazing is the word .
We’ve surpassed all expectations .

£960 for the cakes on sale and so far £300 for the cake being raffled But there is another 10 days left for more tickets to be sold !!!!!

But it gets even better .

A club member has donated £60 to make the £940 up to £1000


A local business has pledged to double the amount of money that the cakes have sold for

What an amazing outcome .

Well done to all our members you should all feel so proud .


Our speaker for August was Estelle Mann. Estelle has visited us before showing us how to make decorations using gelatine ,
this time her subject was sugar flowers,  In particular Dahlias . Always viewed as a complicated flower to make ,but Estelle
made every stage achievable and created some beautiful flowers .


Our speaker for September was Rachel Farnham of Regency cakes in Exning near Newmarket, so quite a local for us .
Rachel has visited us many times before and is a very gifted sugarcrafter and experienced in all aspects of sugarcraft ,
but her overriding skill is with royal icing and all it’s many  uses .This time she decorated a two tier cake with scrolls and lattice work . 
A very traditional style of royal icing work ,but one that requires tremendous skill land it was obvious that Rachel has this in abundance .
A very enjoyable and instructive evening and we look forwards to her returning again soon .

Next month our demonstrator will be club member Jean who has come up with her own unique way of cutting , rolling and folding sugarpate
to make decorations for our cakes . ,This will certainly be an interesting evening and guaranteed to be something new to us all ,
So something to look forwards to, 


Our FFF lunches have been popular for the last 3 years and continue to be a very pleasant way of raising some funds for our club .
So much so that we have diversified slightly and have tried doing afternoon tea as well . We’ve enjoyed one so far and it was a huge hit
and  we’re planning a second one soon .The first group quite enjoyed being the guinea pigs and are all planning to return.
With the lunches the optimum number for each lunch is 6 guests possibly 7 .The afternoon tea number is 9 .
So happily members have a choice between the two meals.
If your interested in either lunch or tea contact Glenda to arrange a date
have a look at the photos of the first  afternoon tea .

April Meeting

The April Meeting was our A.G.M.

Our usual look back at the last year and check that our finances are all in good order .
Chris our treasurer was happy to report that all is good and thanks to the fund raising monthly themed raffle and the Food with Friends For Funds lunches there is no reason to increase our subscriptions .
So all round good news .
Once the business of the evening was over it was down to the really important part of the evening ,
Our cheese and biscuit supper.
Although this was the business evening for the club it was a really pleasant evening.


Our speaker for May is Gemma Parker of ” Gemma’s Crafty Cakes” in Felixstowe.
Gemma will be showing us how she made some of the decorations she used on some of the cakes that won her Gold and Silver
prizes at the cake international sugarcraft show.
So we look forwards to that.

If your interested in sugarcraft ,we’d love you to visit us .

Cake Stall

We did the cake stall today at Stowupland to help club member Alison .

Brilliant day .very hard work but good fun.
Huge thank you to everyone who donated cakes .
The photos will give you an Idea of the sheer quality and quantity of what we sold
We were very proud to stand behind the table and on behalf of the club take all the compliments that we’re showered on us .


As 2016 draws to its end I would like to take this opportunity to look back on the last year.

It’s been such a good year for speakers.
Very to interest us all, with demonstrations on Bass Relief , Royal Icing techniques,  an “Ombre ” cake, sugar paste baubles (more about those later) sugar doves, giant material stars, cakes that look like a teapot,and so much more .
We have welcomed new speakers and some old friends to demonstrate to us and enjoyed them all.
Having started the year a little short on funds we have managed to add some cash to our coffers with thanks to the monthly themed raffle and the “Lunches with friends for funds”  the plan is to carry this  fund raising over to next year.
After many years of doing the video for us our video man has had to give up. We thank him for all the years he has come to our meetings and we will miss him.
If you know of anyone who could do the video for us please let me know. 
And back to the sugar baubles; in other words our Christmas tree in the church. Last year the tree was amazing and I didn’t think we could better it. I was wrong . So very wrong..
This year the tree is stunning, truly stunning.
For me Christmas starts when we decorate the tree, and this year as the tree gradually filled up I was truly speechless at what you had all created…  My next thought was” how do we better this” and I have to admit that as of this moment  l still don’t know the answer to that, so suggestions please please. ..
Another lost for words moment was when we  collected in the photos for the 2017 calendar. The work in those photographs was truly wonderful and we would like to have used all the pictures. Unfortunately we couldn’t use many of them purely because of the  composition of the picture. So this year we’re having a demonstration on taking photographs of cakes to help us all get the very best pictures of our work and  be able to get more into the 2018 calendar.
We’ll also need good photography for another project we’re planning.  We would like to create a recipe book of members favourite dishes. We’ ll be asking you to write out your favourite recipes and  take a photograph of  the completed dish. We will then put them into some sort of order and then Sandy will get them printed in a booklet. The idea is to sell them to help raise some funds.
With so much going on last year I need to get busy and start on next year’s programme. If you would like to see something demonstrated please let me know and I’ll do my best to find an appropriate speaker.
On behalf of Sandy ,Jane and myself ,
I would like to thank you all for your support and  the help you give to our club and wish you all a very happy new year

Bury Stray Cat Fund – Fund Raiser

Bury Stray Cat Fund – Fund Raiser

Are holding a fund raiser at Great Whelnetham Community Centre on Sunday 17th July (IP30 0TY) starting at 10.30.

There’ll be a Cat Themed Cake as the Raffle prize, Novelty Cup Cakes and Tea Time Treats.
If you fancy a fun Photo Shoot our in-house photographer will be there doing INSTANT portraits of you, you kids, dogs… whatever! Prints available within minutes to take away.
join us and help raise funds for this worthy charity.