Monthly Draw

At our A G M in april it was decided to introduce a raffle at out meetings. This is proving a success.

Instead of a number of small prices we have just one larger prize that everyone can contribute to.
To date we’ve had a fruit raffle , when anyone who wants to has bought along some fresh or dried fruit and this has all been arranged into a display basket and wrapped to make a pretty impressive draw prize keeping the winner in a selection of fruit all week at least.
Another month, club member Chrissy , who has a husband who is handy with a Hammer. ‘ Handy Andy’ we’ll call him, donated an aeroplane shaped garden planter that he’d made and filled with bedding plants .
With a theme each month this seems to be a good idea
The theme for september is seasonal. Pickles, jams and preserves.
We are asking any one who makes any of these to donate a jar which will be packed in a hamper, the winner will then have a lovely selection to take home.
We’re not proud though, if your not a pickler or jammer a nice jar from the supermarket will be just as welcome.
Another Idea for October is an ingredients raffle.
We’re asking members to bring along items that go into the christmas cake, Dried fruit , Cherries , brown sugar , nuts etc. So the winner will get what they need to make their christmas cake.

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