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Stowmarket Christmas Tree Festival 2017

The Christmas tree

Our tree is decorated . It looks lovely .
Unfortunately it’s not where we were expecting it to be so we had to scale down what we were planning to do .
But none the less those of us who went along to put the decorations on think it’s stunning.

A huge thank you to everyone who put in so much effort and time to make the decorations .
It takes hours of work to achieve , but look at it and you’ll see its worth it .

The lights go on on Friday 24th so you’ll be able to see it yourselves then

December meeting

As usual the meeting on December 11th w ill be our Christmas party
Always a good evening
Friends, food and a bit of fun .
See you there .

January meeting

At the moment not sure what’s happening in Januany.
It could be a florist showing us how to wire fresh flowers or it could be Glenda showing us how to wire sugar flowers for cakes .
Which ever it is I’m sure we’ll all learn something.