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Stowmarket Sugar Craft Club

Our club was started in 1995 when a group of students who attended sugar craft classes in Stowmarket wanted to keep meeting their fellow students but didn’t feel they needed more lessons. So their tutor Glenda Price contacted previous students and arranged a preliminary meeting.

Hey Presto!

Our sugar craft club was born.

The aim was to meet in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy a cup of tea and a chat , watch a guest demonstrator show us their specialist skills, keep us uo to date with the sugar craft world and maintain our friendships’.

We are happy that many of the people who helped start the club are still members so feel we’ve met our original aims.

Over the last 21 years some of the biggest names in sugar craft have visited for demonstrations or workshops.

We hope to attract new members to come along and join us and bring new ideas to the club. Anyone with an interest in sugar craft is very welcome to join us or come as a visitor and can be sure of a very warm welcome.


Stowmarket Cake Decorating